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Intranet Redesign



Competitive Analysis, Experience Design, Interface Design, Visual Design, Style Guide


Sidley Austin


Sidley Austin is a business law firm with locations worldwide. They wanted to redesign their intranet to match the brand of the website and improve the user experience for their employees.


Experience Design

Atomic Design

They had two primary types of users: Lawyers & Non-lawyer Staff. Each had different views and access to different functionality. I designed the site to be modularly built from simple components, and views and functionality could be enabled / disabled based on the user type.

 Home Dashboard for Lawyers

Home Dashboard for Lawyers


UI Design

Expandable content areas keep the interface streamlined, so users aren't overwhelmed by the amount of information, which was a pain point in their previous intranet. They could view the most important information at a glance and access more information as needed.


Visual Design

A sample of the Visual Design System across Page Templates.


Style Guide

A comprehensive Style Guide was developed and handed off to developers along with other documentation.