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Responsive Website Redesign



Competitive Analysis, Interviews, Site Map, Personas, Wireframes, Prototype, Visual Design, Interface Design, Front-End Programming




Fellowes manufactures workplace management products. They wanted help redesigning their B2B product website to improve the user experience and to work in tandem with integrated marketing campaigns to increase sales.

The site, which targeted Facilities Managers and Building Owners, needed to be responsive as users are often on the go in their jobs and could be accessing it on any device.


UX Strategy

Content & Information Architecture

Through collaborative working sessions with stakeholders, we audited existing content and mapped with new content to align with a UX strategy targeting Facilities Managers and Building Owners in key verticals. Their previous site was set up like an eCommerce site, but fell short of facilitating the research part of the customers' buying journey.


Wireframe Prototype

I built a clickable HTML wireframe prototype using Bootstrap to test with Stakeholders and users. It made it easier to hand off to developers later on.


Experience Design

Some users may be unfamiliar with or unaware of the value of the product. The old site did not do a good job of connecting the value of the product to both the user and his/her business. Longer scrolling pages set up the problem of air quality using infographics that highlight concerns at a glance. The benefit-driven story positions the product as solution. 


How it works

Purchasing industrial-grade air purifiers is a commitment. Facilities Managers manage one or more buildings with many rooms where the product could be installed. They want specific product information, like how it integrates with the environment, the amount of maintenance, and efficacy. They want something that works and that won't add more work to maintain. They have to be able to sell the purchases to their bosses.

Sales demos help to prove the value of the product. I created a virtual demo for customers to get the information they needed through interactive components, video, animations, and proof points that included case studies and documents they could share with their bosses to make purchasing decisions.