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James Hardie Canvassing

iPad Sales App



A tablet app and web-based portal integrated with Sales Force for Hardie Ambassador Sales Teams to capture and manage leads 


Competitive Analysis, Interviews, Wireframes, Interface Design


James Hardie


Digital Strategy

We needed to develop an app for Hardie Ambassadors (localized Sales Teams) to use in the field and a web portal for Hardie Ambassador Managers to manage their teams in conjunction with an overarching Lead Nurturing Program. I designed wireframes and provided a simple Style Guide for another vendor to develop.

Web Portal (wireframes)

Hardie Ambassador Managers in the office can manage and monitor their Sales Teams in the field through a web portal. Functionality included creating walking lists, assigning Hardie Ambassadors to a walking list, adding Hardie Ambassador Sales profiles, monitoring Performance, reviewing Incidents and Data, and creating Home Show & Event lists.


Canvassing App

Hardie Ambassador Sales Reps use Walking Lists to canvass specific areas, identifying homes that are candidates for remodeling and logging home visits. They can also add leads from Home Shows/Events that they attend.


Lead Capture

With the app, the Hardie Ambassador can assess and capture home and homeowner details, keep a record of visits, and schedule appointments with a contractor or initiate requests for information, quotes, or samples. The app helped James Hardie identify and qualify leads so that their marketing and sales efforts could be more targeted. Homeowner visits are tied to Lead Nurture email and direct mail marketing campaigns.



In the first three months of the Ambassador Program, working in conjunction with a rebrand and Lead Nurturing Campaign, the client acquired the amount of leads they usually would get in a year.