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Citizen Local

mobile app



Competitive Analysis, Interviews, Personas, User Flows, App Map, Wireframe, Prototype, Interface Design, Visual Design


bluePupae Lab


A mobile app that would make it easier for people to participate in the political process at the local level, where impacts tend to be more immediate and visible.


UX Research & Design

I interviewed and surveyed a variety of people and did a competitive analysis of websites and apps. I organized the responses into an affinity map to determine commonality.

Research Insights

  • People want to engage in politics without getting burned out. They want to focus on actions with the most impact.
  • A handful of apps help people voice support or opposition and follow what’s happening nationally, but there are none that do that locally.
  • Most people do not follow local politics, even though they want to and their actions there could have more of an impact.




Passionate Millennial

Elizabeth Pena
I want to find out about local legislation, but I don't know where to look, and it's overwhelming sifting through government sites. 


Working Mom

Kris Whitaker
Added to my long to-do list is holding reps accountable and finding out what can be done locally.


Experience Design

I developed an app map, user stories and flows, prioritized features based on analyzing effort vs. impact and to determine a minimally viable product for user testing.



With a few clicks, users can quickly contact their state legislators or look up legislation to get more information and contact bill sponsors to voice support or opposition.



I developed a prototype and conducted preliminary user testing. From interviews and discussions, I confirmed a key component—connecting meaningful issues with legislation—for focus in the next iteration as well as potential secondary users—organizers and organizations that could connect with a base of support for legislation and lend credibility or support to legislation.

With prototyping I can continue to iterate to get to a viable proof of concept with less effort to secure funding and support for future development.