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S Insurance Prototype

Website Redesign



Competitive Analysis, User Research, Wireframe, Prototype, Interface Design, Visual Design,


S Insurance*

*due to NDA, name has been changed


S Insurance offers specialty underwriting for businesses. They wanted help redesigning their website to improve the customer experience and increase conversion. We delivered an experience design prototype.


Experience Design

The process of finding the right coverage, getting a quote, buying, and getting a certificate online needed to be simple and easy. Their existing website was dated and confusing and not mobile-friendly. The business started out with very specialized underwriting for Motorsports, which grew over time. We started with reorganizing the content so that it would be more meaningful for users, identifying two primary users, Customers and Agents, with different pathways.

Smart Search

I proposed a smart search with predictive text to assist users with finding the right coverage. A huge chunk of their business comes from offering same day policies that can be purchased online. In addition to search, users can browse and quickly find the most popular policies featured prominently on the home page.

The breadth of policies can also be accessed through a mega-nav that separates programs that can be purchased online—sending users through a simple quote and buy process—from programs that need specialized attention that could be initiated through an application.


Quote & Buy Process

Modeled after TurboTax, the site simplifies the process of getting a quote through buying and getting a certificate online by guiding the user step-by-step. Users can register and/or login to save their quote if they are still shopping around and not ready to make a purchase. 



The site features a special landing page tailored for Agents. Although only a small percentage of site users are Agents, Agents account for a substantial part of their business.